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How customization helped Coderschool achieve 140% engagement boost using VideoSDK
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Coderschool is coding-focused edtech platform, helps to transform aspiring programmers with the necessary skills for a successful tech career.
They are on mission to fill the gap of quality programmers in Southeast Asia especially Vietnam. and raised US$2.6 million in a pre-seed funding by renowned venture firms such as Monk’s Hill Ventures, TRIVE, Iterative, XA Network, and iSeed Ventures.


Limited Customization with Recording Issues

  • Lack of Customization: Faced challenges in customizing their ed-tech platform, hindering the delivery of a tailored learning experience.
  • Low User Engagement: Inability to deliver high-quality video calls resulted in a compromised learning experience for students, negatively impacting their engagement.
  • Poor Recording Performance: Needed HD quality recording and sought to store data on their cloud server without third-party integration.
  • Lack of Customer Support: Slow assistance from customer support in troubleshooting issues and resolving integration challenges.
  • Scalability Issues: Existing solution was not capable of handling the increasing number of parallel online sessions, limiting their growth potential.
Charles Lee-Co-founder - Coderschool

Coding is the future. Everyone in Southeast Asia deserves a chance to be part of that future. Developer happiness is a thing we care about, and VideoSDK seems to really deliver on that.

Charles Lee ,

Co-founder - Coderschool


Customizable Solution with 24x7 Support

  • Highly Customizable API: VideoSDK’s easy-to-use and customizable video API tailored the ed-tech platform’s video experience.
  • Collaboration Tools: Features like Virtual Background, Whiteboard, Poll, QnA and many more, helped teacher and students to collaborate easily.
  • High-Definition Video Calls: Advanced infrastructure offers high-quality video calls with adaptive bitrate streaming, enhancing the learning environment and boosting student engagement.
  • Enhanced Recording Capabilities: Provides secure HD recording capabilities (up to 1080p) that can be directly on their own cloud storage bucket.
  • 24x7 Customer Support: VideoSDK's dedicated customer support ensured quick troubleshooting and expedites bug resolution with minimizing delays.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Robust and scalable infrastructure prevented disruptions and ensured stability and smooth operations to meet the growing demands of the expanding user base.
Nguyen Minh Anh-Sr. Software Engineer

I have good development experience with VideoSDK, and I find the documentation to be very developer-friendly. The support team did a great job to support us whenever there is an issue coming up.

Nguyen Minh Anh ,

Sr. Software Engineer

Coderschool’s Success with Video SDK


Increase in Session Hours

Significant increase in student engagement and retention every month.


Number of Sessions

Experienced new heights of monthly participation of learners.


Rating on Google Play Store

Indicates the high level of student satisfaction with the learning experience.


Global Alumni Network

Shaping the tech landscape in Southeast Asia with a strong tech community.


Increase in Session Hours


Rating on Google Play Store


Monthly Number of Sessions


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